Roth Grains LLC offers five different ways to market your grain. Below is a brief description but please call for more details.


Cash Sale 


Target Contract 

  • Producer offers to sell a specific amount of grain if the market reaches a target cash price
  • If the market reaches that price, the contract is executed and the producer is guaranteed that price
  • Available in any bushel increment
  • Available for Old Crop & New Crop Bushels

New Crop Forward Contract

  • Establishes a fixed price for grain to be delivered at a specified future date
  • Available in 1000 bu increments

New Crop Basis-Only

  • Establishes a fixed basis level and leaves the futures unpriced
  • Available in 1000 bu increments
  • Futures must be priced prior to First Notice Day of the reference futures month
  • Contract cannot be rolled forward to subsequent trading months

Minimum Price Contract

  • Establishes a minimum price for the grain while giving the opportunity for additional value if the market rallies 
  • Available in 5000bu increments